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Here we do not have your fancy gods, Angels, and Demons. We don't have your culture or beliefs as we do not live in the same world and reality. For we are and yet are not humans, but what truly is human? What if we humans are not what we think we are, yet something far more dangerous.

In my world we live along side with what we call Demons. They are always in some sort of animal like form. Some people keep them as pets, sell them on the market like the simple kitsune fox, and others treat them as family. Yet, there are those few demons that are at war with the power hungry tyrants. For if a human manages to kill a Demon, they gain their power and become an Angel, a being of power.

Only the desperate do this for there is a higher chance of getting yourself killed rather then to make it out alive. Which brings in the other two groups you do not want to be in if you fail. Become a Defile if your body denies the power, for you lose yourself and your body becomes corrupted. Become a Fallen if you become full of hate and consume too much power for you to control and you are forever cursed with a twisted form between a human and Angel. If any one were to find any of these two they are to report to the Guardians so their souls may be put to rest. For all that we know, they are always crying, but why do they cry? Are they in pain? Or is there more we have yet to understand.
To be a Demon
A story I am starting to work on
Kate by FVG318
Recreation or update of old characters are coming up soon
We use to have so much fun. As a group or just you and him. We laughed and had fun and helped each other out. You truly do miss those times, nor can you ever forget them. Years have passed by, but no one has shown up that was equal to the love you've had for him. What have torn us apart? At first he suddenly just vanished, for a month and more. No response, no nothing, worry seem to fill you up. You ask his friends after the month, unable to worry any more. They say he was at a 'week' long picnic thing. So you shrug off the silence and thought that he should have fun and don't need to worry. Weeks later and still nothing, but after awhile of asking what's going on he finally speaks. And responds "I wanted a month of silence" you ask about the picnic "what picnic?" Shocked at this response you couldn't think anything else, did he truly love you? Was he using you? Is he seeing someone else? Were you too much of a hassle? He says "we can still be friends" Then after the short and brief answers he vanished again. Half a year has passed and you contacted his friend, they respond "his phone is broken" and you asked them to have him talk to you on skype or anything you two are friends on. And then more months. You talk to the friend again. And he's there with the friend, yet does not speak to you and the friend says "he's reading all you say" You call him a jerk in your mind, heart torn more but hangs on the hope he will finally talk to you. Nearly two years have passed, your heart torn, stiched, scratched at, and destroyed you still want his friendship and his soothe words to patch your heart up. You ask his friend again, they answer "his phone is still broken"....
Fake love?
True story that has happened to me.... And I still continue to try and reach him


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Freedom is an illusion
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I love to draw and write. I'm all so writing a book and in hopes of having it done this year. I enjoy day dreaming too.

Favourite style of art: Any kind, but how it's done

Favourite cartoon character: Soma
Personal Quote: Trust no one but yourself and very few
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As I expected a bad valentines.....of everything I can remember only once did I had an actual good one... Normally I'd go around and give my friends a little gift here and there. And as for I....I normally get nothing, so this year I didn't  get anything for any one....I feel like crap now....

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